We Deliver Results. Not limitations.


Built for Presenters

A medium-sized meeting has 800-1000 presenters. That's 800-1000 people's research, results, dissertations, or even life's work. In too many conferences, speakers are being told they need to limit their talk by size, file type or complexity. Ask any seasoned presenter how they feel about presentation systems at these meetings and chances are you won't hear anything positive. We created LaunchPad to change this. LaunchPad does away with limits, creates a pleasant and reassuring presenting experience from upload to talk, and goes farther than any other system to bring intelligent, effective technology to your meeting.


Smarter Speaker Ready Room

Step into a LaunchPad speaker ready room and you'll notice it's unlike any meeting you've been to. It's a calm environment with sleek upload kiosks, helpful presentation consultants, and podiums to practice on. LaunchPad allows presenters to use their files natively so there's no messy conversion process- talks simply show up the way they were made. LaunchPad's upload process can be completed in under 30 seconds. Compare that to any other presentation system on the market.


Smarter Sessions

The largest cost in presentation management is traditionally labor. The reason for this is that most presentation management systems require a technician in each room to switch between presentations. LaunchPad sessions are driven completely by the presenters, with no special training required. The presenter simply finds his or her name on the podium screen and clicks it. The talk loads into full screen with speaker notes. Meanwhile, all talks are monitored live from the on-site LaunchPad server, where a technician can step in if help is needed.


Powerful Analytics

Handling every speaker's presentation gives us the opportunity to collect valuable data about your meeting. LaunchPad has the ability to trend speakers' upload times, traffic, file attributes, and many other statistics. In addition, LaunchPad has a customizable user feedback section where meeting management can ask their speakers anything they want. Our technicians can deliver this data real-time throughout the conference or in a report at the end of your meeting.


We are Information Experts

There's a reason for our unique approach to the ubiquitous problem of presentation management- we're not an AV company. We don't hang trusses or install soundboards; our sole focus is handling the crucial information that is the heart of your meeting- presentations. Our technicians are carefully chosen for their extensive and diverse IT backgrounds so that they're ready for any configuration a presenter may require. From standard PowerPoint files to uncompressed HD video to being able to SSH into a remote Linux server on-stage, one thing is certain- your presenters will not be limited by our team.


Better Presentations = Better Meetings

Unequivocally, presentations are the heart of your meetings. LaunchPad allows your speakers to communicate their presentations the way they were designed- without limits.


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