Unleash your Presentation.


No Conversion Necessary.

Today's presentation software is amazing. You can incorporate custom animations, compelling transitions, even HD video. Sadly, it has become the expectation of presenters that they strip down and convert their talks to an outdated standard to meet the limits of the meeting's technology. LaunchPad changes that. It requires no conversion and supports virtually any kind of presentation, whether you made it on Windows, Mac or Linux.


Limited only by Your Imagination.

  • Any File Type
  • Any OS
  • Any File Size
  • Change speaker order on the fly
  • Upload up to 2 hours before your talk (compared to 24-48 on other systems)


Painless On-Site Uploading.

You didn't come to the meeting to see the latest in presentation management technology. We designed LaunchPad to minimize your time spent uploading, so you can maximize your time spent doing what you want. All you need is your name and presentation and LaunchPad does the rest.


Unlimited Revisions.

Whether your team's latest findings just came in, you found a typo, or you want to change an icon to cornflower blue, you can update your talk an unlimited number of times once it's been uploaded. LaunchPad's intelligent version control system makes updates easy and insures that the right version of your talk makes it to your room.


Natural, Easy Presenting

Whether this is your first presentation or hundredth, speaking in front of a crowd can be stressful. LaunchPad takes some of the edge with its simple, intuitive interface. Simply point to your name on the screen and click. Your talk will launch in its native program automatically, directly into presenter mode. Programs that support speaker notes such as PowerPoint and Keynote will display them on the podium screen.


Efficiently Flexible.

Last minute change to the speaker order in your session? No problem. LaunchPad is designed to be flexible, allowing for presentation order to be changed on the fly.


Get the Most out of Your Meeting.

Most presentation systems take about a minute to switch between talks. LaunchPad takes about 7 seconds. For a meeting with 800 presenters, that's over 11 hours of saved time.