Turn-key Presentation Management.



Let us handle IT.

When you work with Warp Speed you get a complete presentation management solution. Not only do we bring our system which is loved by presenters, our technicians are highly experienced IT professionals who are ready and able to support individual issues that presenters may have with their content. Be it custom animations, embedding various video formats, or ensuring content made on less common operating systems displays flawlessly, our technicians will be sure each presenter is satisfied with their content.


Turn a pain point into a home run.

Presentation management can be a pain point for events. In our latest on-site survey (yes, we provide that service as well), nearly every presenter said that uploading their talk was the worst part of previous events. Those same presenters unanimously said that LaunchPad is the best presentation system they've used, many asking how they can bring it to upcoming conferences they were attending.


Drop us a (video) line.

When you partner with Warp Speed, you can be sure that your presenters are in good hands without needing to hold ours. We need a video drop to your equipment, and that's about it. We handle setup of the equipment, network testing and presentation management. We monitor every session that our equipment is running remotely, and even have the ability to step in if the presenter needs help.



No conversion = No congestion.

Thanks to LaunchPad's ability to play back virtually any file type without conversion, the upload process is much quicker than alternative presentation management systems. In fact, a presenter can in an out of the Speaker Ready Room in under a minute.


Procrastinators welcome.

Presentation management would be a lot simpler if all of your users would drop off their files a week ahead of time. In the real world however, this simply never happens. That's why LaunchPad was designed to accommodate uploads up to a month early via an online Upload Portal, and as late as after the start of the session on-site.


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